Jeremy Lin Leaves Nike and Signs with adidas

According to reports, Houston Rockets guard Jeremy Lin has reported left Nike and sign a sneaker deal with adidas. Although his buzz isn’t as strong now as it was during the height of his “Linsanity” run, he is still doing his thing with the Rockets. With a rampant fan base in overseas markets, the folks over at adidas are looking to extend their global reach with this newest acquisition. With an announcement set to come soon, how do you feel about Lin’s latest move? Drop us a line in the comments section below and be sure to keep rocking with SneakerFiles for everything sneakers.

Jeremy Lin Leaves Nike and Signs with adidas



  1. These scrubs saying adidas one of the roots of all the sneaker game blows lol… new school unknowing trend junkies… Nike only focuses on their monster money makers penny, lebron, Jordan, and kobe they not wasting time on second class athletes especially a Chinese one so good move and luck to Lin…

  2. Nike and Jordans are different. Remember just cus your signed to nike doesn’t mean you’re a sponsor for jordan get it right people

  3. That’s where the money’s at! Nike’s cheap and they don’t give players signature kicks. They get cheap ass PEs

  4. Nike DON’T need players… They’re already ESTABLISHED. Money talks, & Jeremy just taking what’s given mow.

  5. Business cares… Over-rated??? Besides, his INITIAL “LinSanity” Hype. .. I don’t think, there is much hype about him since signing with the Houston Rockets. It’s ALL about money now. Houston CASHING in on the “Asian” fan base in Asia. Which what Adidas is trying to do with the signing.

  6. Adidas will actually give him a shoe and all nike wants to do is put players in hyperdunks or hyper aggressors


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