For the first time ever, Converse teams up with Brazilian based fashion brand Isolda. Headed up by architect and textile designer Alessandra Affonso Ferreira, this 9-pair sneaker collection adopts a “Brazilian Print” aesthetic and pays homage to Ferreira’s childhood roots in Brazil and English with a wide variety of fresh digital handmade prints.

“The notion of color and self-expression is a very important part of Brazilian culture,” said Alessandra Affonso Ferreira, Creative Director of Isolda. “It was exciting to fuse the creative and rebellious universe from Converse with Isolda’s tropical fashion chic and create prints reminiscent of my childhood in northeastern Brazil and as a teenager in England during the 1980s Punk scene.”

Available exclusively in Brazil, the Converse Isolda Sneaker Collection features a total of nine different prints rendered on three of the brand’s most iconic silhouettes – the Converse Chuck Taylor, the Converse CONS Auckland Racer and the Converse CONS Skidgrip. Inspired by iconic elements from Brazil’s tropical climate and culture, the collection features a series of bright watercolors featuring cashews, guavas, “tutti frutti” and gemstones prints, along with playful renditions of lobsters and octopus. The sneakers also feature an all-over printed canvas upper and lining, an all-white rand, and premium white leather logo detailing.

Following an exclusive launch during Fashion Rio on Friday, November 8, the Converse Isolda Sneaker Collection will be available for sale in limited quantities at select retailers including Dona Coisa (Rio De Janeiro) and Cartell 001 (Sao Paulo) starting Tuesday, November 12.  The premium sneakers are availalble in unisex sizing 4 – 12, with prices ranging from $110 to $130.

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via Nike