google talking sneakers

Having already cornered the internet market, the international powerhouse that is Google may have found some new territory to expand into. At this years SXSWi (South by SouthWest Interactive), Google debuted its ‘Talking Sneaker’ concept that would most assuredly take the sneaker world to unimaginable heights.

As part of Google’s new advertising innovation program called “Art, Copy and Code,” the shoes purpose is geared towards translating data through movement into messages that can be shared between the users and their friends.

From the looks of the three stripes and infamous Adidas logo on the shoe pictured below, one could assume that this is the latest in collaborative excellence with both companies looking to revolutionize the world as we know it.

Though the shoe is heavily flanked as a mere ‘concept’, Google plans to move forward with this project as they look to share their social network and advertising expertise with athletes and sneakerheads alike.