Foot Locker Unveils New Balance 574 Customization Kiosk in Times Square

Foot Locker Unveils New Balance 574 Customization Kiosk in Times Square



The New Balance 574 is the latest sneaker to be #APPROVED by Foot Locker. In fact, if you’re a resident of New York or en route to Times Square anytime soon, you should check out their New Balance 574 Customization Kiosk. That’s right; now you can customize your very-own 574 model in-store and have it delivered in just a few days.

Foot Locker and New Balance have joined forces to bring New Balance and sneaker lovers alike a never before seen experience. At the Foot Locker store in the heart of Times Square, New Balance has installed a customization kiosk that allows customers the ability to design their very own New Balance 574. Using a touch screen display, customers can choose between colors, materials, and even custom writing on the shoe’s heel all adding up to a total of 48,000,000,000,000,000 combinations (that’s 48 quadrillion or 48,000 billion for those keeping track). Whether you have a theme in mind or you want a crazy colorway – there are no rules – and certainly no limits to the combinations you can think up.

If you’re a New Yorker or just swinging through town on a vacation, come to the Times Square Foot Locker and get a pair of New Balance 574′s – exactly how you want them – and the best part is you won’t have to walk around the city with a shoe box. Each pair of customized 574′s are shipped directly to your home in 6-10 business days. If you’re particularly proud with your design, the customization station will also give you a chance to share it online.

To check out some of the designs that have already been created in the store click here.

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