If you were a fan FILA ’96 “Olympic” when it released earlier this month, you may want to check out this comparison highlighting the differences between the originals model and the 2013 retro.

At first glance the two appear the same, however if you take a closer look you’ll notice a few differences along the tongues, insoles, color-blocking, and more.

Check out more of the OG vs. 2013 retro below and stay tuned to Sneaker Files for more!

fila-96-olympic-og-2013-retro-comparison-2 fila-96-olympic-og-2013-retro-comparison-3 fila-96-olympic-og-2013-retro-comparison-4 fila-96-olympic-og-2013-retro-comparison-5 fila-96-olympic-og-2013-retro-comparison-6 fila-96-olympic-og-2013-retro-comparison-7 fila-96-olympic-og-2013-retro-comparison-8 fila-96-olympic-og-2013-retro-comparison-9 fila-96-olympic-og-2013-retro-comparison-10 fila-96-olympic-og-2013-retro-comparison-11 fila-96-olympic-og-2013-retro-comparison-12 fila-96-olympic-og-2013-retro-comparison-13 fila-96-olympic-og-2013-retro-comparison-14 fila-96-olympic-og-2013-retro-comparison-15

via ameblo


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