As impressive as the Nike Kobe “Prelude” Pack was, this is probably one of the craziest auctions seen so far this year. While many struggled to scoop up one pair, one generous eBay seller is offering up the entire limited edition “Prelude” collection which honors Kobe Bryant’s tenured career.

At the right price, you can own the Nike Zoom Kobe I “Prelude”, Nike Zoom Kobe II (2) “Prelude”, Nike Zoom Kobe III (3) “Prelude”, Nike Zoom Kobe IV (4) “Prelude”, Nike Zoom Kobe V (5) “Prelude”, Nike Zoom Kobe VI (6) “Prelude”, Nike Zoom Kobe VII (7) “Prelude”, and Nike Zoom Kobe VIII (8) “Prelude”.

With an asking price of $5k – plus shipping – do you think someone will actually spend that much for 8 pairs of sneakers which only retailed for $200 a pop less than two months ago? All a size 13, are you interested?

If so, “Buy It Now” or make an offer right now through eBay. Good luck! And we seriously mean that…

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