Eastbay Memory Lane | Allen Iverson Gear 2000

Eastbay Memory Lane | Allen Iverson Gear 2000


A little over ten years ago many of us were receiving Eastbay magazines in the mail and were turning straight to the basketball section where we could find some of the hottest styles and releases from our favorite basketball players. Thanks to Eastbay, we take a trip down memory lane today by looking at Allen Iverson gear from Holiday 2000.

Perhaps some of our readers were far too young to understand the influence that this player had over the generation and game at the time, yet for some, it was as clear as day that Allen Iverson was the man given they imitating his game on the court or dressing like him. Taking a look at the image taken from an old Eastbay page, you clearly see that Iverson’s premium streetwear collection was anything but cheap. There was everything from $600 leather bomber jackets to $350 pants. Not to mention the Reebok Ansver IV was available at the time, his fifth signature model. The forthcoming re-release of the Reebok Question came some years before.

Take a good look at what was offered from Reebok and Allen Iverson just 12 years ago and share your thoughts on his gear with us in the comment section below.


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