WoW Mache Customs

We have seen Mache link up with LeBron, Tony Wroten and a whole list of NBA stars and celebrities, but as D-Wade moved on to a different brand so does this custom artist. Dwayne Wade’s Way of Wades are a great new shoe that is looking to make a big impact in the coming future, luckily Mache was able to get together with Dwayne and create a 1-of-1 dope custom. The upper on these is a bright fire truck red with patent leather throughout. The shiny red also takes on the midsole as well as the tongue branding while other parts of the midsole and soft tongue are blacked out. A white outsole brings the kicks together while the striped inner lining and zig-zag laces create a little flare to add to these beauties.

How do you like the custom Way of Wade by Mache Customs? Tell us in the comments section below and stick with Sneakerfiles for release dates and much more!

WoW Mache Customs

Via @mache275


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