New for the Spring/Summer 2014 season, Converse has just released their all-new “Inaugural” sneaker and apparel collection.

Featuring the Jack Purcell in an assortment of colorways and styles, this collection is also home to several apparel items like the brand’s new “Smile Tee” or “Sunday Best Blazer” which in all offer a modern take on classic, sophisticated fashion.

Check the official press release below and look for the “Inaugural” collection in-stores and online through

From the casual feel of the Converse Jack Purcell sneaker to the sophisticated look of a blazer, every style is effortless and polished. Using an elevated aesthetic and versatile fabric, unique pieces are seamlessly integrated as wardrobe staples. The Converse Jack Purcell Collection brings a modern edge to carefully crafted pieces that reflect a creative and adventurous lifestyle.

The Converse Jack Purcell Collection is also all about quirky, yet cool details. Primary details such as tortoise shell accents and pocket square patterns reflect careful attention, intended to bring something unique to the everyday. Rooted in reinterpreted classics, the foundations of the collections tie back to the propositions of modern, crafted and versatile and are a natural complement to each other.


A new spin on the classics – key apparel pieces include the Day and Night Smile Polo, made from soft pique with a woven, subtle Jack Purcell “smile” detail on the chest that modernizes the everyday piece. The Jack Purcell Tortoise Jack sneaker modernizes the leather Jack Purcell sneaker with tortoise shell detailing. The gum smile detailing and heel plate accent the top tortoise shell eyelets and flecked laces, making the expected, unexpected.


The Jack Purcell Collection takes cues from the classic Jack Purcell sneakers as a source of inspiration. The Jack Purcell Tortoise Twill sneaker brings together soft twill and leather, expertly crafted for a twist on a traditional silhouette. The Sunday Best Blazer, crafted from shirt-weight rugby, is a welcome surprise with its comfortable and relaxed fit and any-occasion style.


The Jack Purcell apparel and footwear collections are both casual and sophisticated, lending versatility to the pieces that make dressing easy. The Jack Purcell Pocket Square Jack sneaker brings the chic summer pocket square to sneakers with a clean graphic on soft twill. The Habitat Stripes Hoodie is the perfect blend of casual dressing made easy. It features a pinstripe chambray with subtle tie-dye, at a perfect weight for layering under a blazer or wearing over the new classic Jack Purcell Smile Tee.

The timeless, premium quality of the Jack Purcell apparel collection fits effortlessly into the heritage of the footwear collection. Soft, effortless apparel designed in the creative tradition of Jack Purcell makes sneaker dressing easygoing, and a fluid fit for a curated lifestyle. You really are never fully dressed without a Jack Purcell smile.

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