Converse 2022 Pride Collection

Celebrating its seventh annual Pride campaign, Converse is sharing the story of the Found Family – the people met on the journey to Pride who surround us with love, support, and acceptance – that exist at the many intersections of the vibrant, dynamic, and multifaceted LGBTQIA+ community.

Celebrating the Found Family, Converse brings to us the Converse Pride 2022 collection, which consists of options for self-expression through a Converse By You custom experience, as well as an expansive inline collection. This year’s supporting collection is united by a graphic patchwork representing the community’s diversity and the mantra “Family, Unity” – reminding us that while we are each different, we can always come together with love.

The Converse Pride 2022 collection is visually woven together by bold quilting and prints representing the diversity and togetherness that exists within the LGBTQIA+ community. A patchwork design modeled off a gradient rainbow bandana print evokes the sense of warmth, home, and belonging that can always be felt within your found family. Rainbow graphics and fluid lines, found throughout the collection’s footwear, celebrate ever-evolving identities. Included in the collection are the Chuck 70, Chuck Taylor All Star, and Run Star Motion in high, as well as a Chuck Taylor All Star Lift Ox, All-Star Slide, and for the first time, the One Star as well as an assortment of apparel and headwear.

The Converse By You Pride Collection is available now via while the rest of the collection will release beginning in June.

Converse Chuck Taylor 2022 Pride Month

Converse Chuck Taylor 2022 Pride Month

Converse One Star 2022 Pride Month

Converse Run Star Motion 2022 Pride Month

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Ox 2022 Pride Month