What do you do when a $250 pairs of kicks still don’t seem to do that job? Answer: You spice them up. And that’s exactly what custom sneaker designer PMK did with this Nike LeBron 9 P.S. Elite “Varsity Maize”.

Check out his reasoning behind this “Concrete” custom:

The adding of salt to your favorite dish gives it taste and awakens the natural flavors, that would otherwise go unknown to the common taste bud if it weren’t for seasoning. PMK is the new Lawry’s, metaphorically that is…

Adding our own seonsing to the hotness of the taxi elite, to create what we call the concrete taxi. We used a concrete texture as a missing ingredient to the very perfect taxi elites! Created for Ray Jr. a Def Jam recording artist, these are sure to turn up in a video or blog in a couple of weeks! With the success of the NB 999, we felt its only right to flip the actual LBJ Elite also! PMK has matured into a company that doesn’t just customize sneakers, but has learned to creatively compliment the original design. “Minimum VS. Maximum”, is what “Hybrid” PMKs head designer calls it.” After the NB 999 was crowned No.1 south beach custom EVER by Nice Kicks, it made me see that sometimes we customizers over do it and in return are not taken seriously” and do more harm to our movement than fake sneakers from China! By the end of this year the world will know that PMK means serious business.

What are you thoughts on the “Concrete” LeBron 9 P.S. Taxi Elite by PMK? Check out detailed images below and catch up with PMK on Twitter @pmkcustoms or on Instagram: pmkcustoms. Keep it here with Sneaker Files for more fresh custom news!





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