Famed footballer and sneaker enthusiast Victor Cruz turned a year older earlier this week. Not to much surprise, he celebrated his 27th birthday in style.

To commemorate his born day, Cruz pulled out the forthcoming and highly anticipated Air Jordan XI (11) “Gamma Blue”. As most can attest to the fact that its December 21st release date cannot come any soon, let us ask just one question: Will you grab a pair?

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Colorway: Black/Gamma Blue-Varsity Maize
Release Date: 11/21/2013
Retail: $185
Product Code: 378037-006

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  1. I love the Giants but when I look at how dude is rocking them pants i lost so much respect. Ewww

  2. Not sure how respect comes into the equation?
    What a man wears, is somehow a reflection of his character? ..since when?
    Yeah, I agree the pants look silly. But, my opinion, is JUST that. MY. Opinion. ..doesn’t mean SHIT in the grand scheme.

  3. It was all good til I kept scrolling and saw those hideous pants. Like what the hell is that, looks like he gonna bust out in a ballet move .

  4. Don’t lyke these pants for men especially celebrity lol he’s lyke gay, man u makes that Air Jordan looks ugly

  5. Lol glad I wasn’t the only one, I was hoping this wasn’t a new thing! Thought I wad bout to see skinny sweats all over

  6. I was wondering why the Giants sucked this year. This dude Cruz probably wears a bra underneath his pads..lol

  7. Sup with those pants, tights,leggings sure in hell ain’t something u find at a men apparel spot.

  8. I usually watch out for this dudes outfits but his pants on this just ruin this one!!! Sick j’s tho!

  9. i blame people like lil wayne for making spandex/nut huggers/super young jeans cool for these SHEEPS…real men let their nuts breath and don’t feel the need to advertise their ass…..

  10. Got birthday several days ago too, but where were mine gammas!? Fuck you gay ass celebs, yiure nothing special.

  11. They’re preaching gayism in a way that disrespects people of different sexual orientation.