Rick Ross and Mike Posner aren’t the only ones  inking endorsement deals with world-renowned footwear brand, Reebok. Tyga has also joined forces with the other notable hip-hop artists as they have all teamed up as part of Reebok’s new “Icon” campaign headed by Reebok Creative Director, Swizz Beatz.

Here we take a look at Tyga as he sports an all-leather red pair of high-top Reebok Classics with everyone’s favorite, gum bottom. Now, we’re sure to be seeing all of these artists in more Reebok gear than usual, but may we ask: Is Reebok back? Share your thoughts below and stay tuned for more Celebrity Sneaker Watch news.

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  1. It’s about “soldier” reeboks (and those alike) hit the scene again, with proper respect. N.O. put em on tha map. The good ol days.

  2. Tyga, Mike Posner, and Swizz Beatz- part of Reebok’s new marketing campaign, “Struggle Team 2012.”