There are so many ways to show off your sneaker collection; why not lay them out on a pool table? Well, that’s exactly what Cleveland Browns cornerback Joe Haden did recently while at home, and quite honestly, this guy has got skills.

This might not come as a surprise to some, but Haden’s got a mean collection! If you look closely you might spot the Air Jordan “Chicago” 10, the Nike Zoom Kobe 6 “Kay Yow“, or even the Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse “Neon Yellow“. That’s not all though!

Let us know what’s sitting in Joe Haden’s collection and stay tuned to Sneaker Files for more Celebrity Sneaker Watch news.

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    1. Lol ikr? All general releases… You’d think that someone with money would have some rare stuff or even PEs

  1. Sneakerfiles, Dont EVER post this embarrasment EVER again, you giving this chump the spotlight or publicity is just LUDACRIS, He has not 1 pair that I cant walk into a store and buy right now for over $200. This is disrespectful to real sneakerheads to give this lame the spotlight. Im 23 years old and I have pairs older than this lame ass.

  2. True sneakerheads rock kicks because they like ’em, not becuase the whole world makes em a hype beast. I know some sneakerheads that have almost every grail OG jordan chicago colorway who will still rock pairs of Nike DUNKS… your the dumb ass’ who cop sneakers just because they wanna by the cool guy with glow in the dark soles like those bullshit galaxy lebrons, air yeezy 2s, and those homo ass south beach lebrons, mint green and hot pink for a grown man?? REALLY?!… @Hansolo concord 11’s, going for 500… Chicago 10’s, sold out within the first 5mins with its OG going for 1500… thats not exclusive for you?? Cmon bro, get educated before you make statements that make you look like a dumbass…

    1. Just bc some moron sells it for 1500 doesnt mean its worth it. At the end of the day that reseller is selling a 150$ shoe, or even less since its an OG, and makes hypebeasts want to believe its worth 1500. You contradict yourself with your first sentence about hypebeasts. For the record chicago 10s were a general release… And it doesnt matter if they sold out people nowadays go crazy over any retro, they are not exclusive.

  3. yall hatin…he got what appeals to him…and i see you brodie with my nig t.j. ward jersey in the frame…yee!!!

  4. his collection is weak. for instance. i see hes got the kobe jokers lol. just like his collection. A JOKE! hes got nothing there thats worth big bucks. everything he got on the table. is on the streets. my lebron 8 sprite is worth more then anything hes got by far. dude wear them shoes. stop embarrassing your self in front of millions. there nothing you got there that will ever be a true collectible. and those who say stop hatin. obveiuosly you don’t know sh-t either. theres not one shoe there that says im worth money. there just isn’t. and technically people collect not just for fun. its about making money!