Crazy people love dope kicks too!

Resident psycho-chick Amanda Bynes, making her way to a court appearance for (allegedly) throwing a bong out of her NY apartment window while cops attempted to search her place, rocked the recently-released Air Jordan VIII Retro “Playoffs”. The former child star strolled into court wearing the semi-inappropriate outfit of sweats, a black tank-top, “Nicki Minaj/Lady Gaga”-aqua wig, and the aforementioned J’s, showing she at least has good taste in sneakers; however, Bynes would’ve got way more props from the sneaker community had she rocked the Air Jordan VIII Retro “Aqua” instead of the “Playoff” 8s, as they would’ve matched much better with the aqua wig. Oh, well; crazy people can’t be expected to put on clothes and match every time, now can they? Hit the jump for a few more pics of the Twitter celebrity, and let us know what you think of her get-up.

Via Zimbio

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