El Cappy 49ers Cleats

By now we all know who, 49ers offensive lineman, Jonathon Goodwin’s favorite shoe customizer is and lucky both of them are going back to work for the third round of the playoffs. As Goodwin and his 49ers take on their rival in the Seattle Seahawks he will be boasting these dope El Cappy custom Jordan cleats. It looks as if Goodwin wanted the Air Jordan XII “Playoffs” for this weeks game but of course with a El Cappy touch which is the gold on the splotched print near the outer midsole portion of the shoe. Don’t miss the big game on Sunday at 5:30 CST, and try to keep an eye out for Goodwin’s ill custom Jordan cleats.

What do you think about Jonathon Goodwin’s custom Air Jordan XII (12) cleats? Let us know in the comments section below and stay tuned to Sneakerfiles for updates on everything sneakers!

Via @elcappy

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