As great at the Air Jordan VII (7) “Raptor” release was last year, it wouldn’t be as great of a retro if Freehand Profit didn’t offer his take on it.

As seen in the past with other mock ups like the “Wu-Tang Pack” and the Air Jordan XI (11) “Bred”, the bold artist reconstructs these kicks by turning them into a facial mask unlike any currently on the market. This gas mask features a very familiar dark charcoal colorway as well as true red and club purple accents along its shell for a perfect finish.

If you’d like to purchase the Air Jordan VII (7) “Raptor” Gas Mask, pick it up right now through 8 and 9.

air-jordan-vii-7-raptor-gas-mask-by-freehand-profit-2 air-jordan-vii-7-raptor-gas-mask-by-freehand-profit-3 air-jordan-vii-7-raptor-gas-mask-by-freehand-profit-4 air-jordan-vii-7-raptor-gas-mask-by-freehand-profit-5 air-jordan-vii-7-raptor-gas-mask-by-freehand-profit-6 air-jordan-vii-7-raptor-gas-mask-by-freehand-profit-7 air-jordan-vii-7-raptor-gas-mask-by-freehand-profit-8 air-jordan-vii-7-raptor-gas-mask-by-freehand-profit-9



  1. This. Guy. Is. ILL!
    Every single one of these he’s done, is str8 bananas. This dude is a monster!
    Keep doin’your thing-thing, brother.

  2. Not to mention the article is almost word for word the exact same thing. Ridiculous! The editor of this piece really should learn how to write original material and source.


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