What’s the difference between the Air Jordan VI (6) “White/Infrared” from 2010 and the pair that we’ll see in 2014? Well, here’s a detailed look at both retros to help answer that question!

While we spot everything from true infrared accents that finally grace the iconic Air Jordan VI (6) model to matching lace-locks, is there any other difference that you notice? Also, let us point out that these kicks won’t as part of a package deal like it did in 2010.

For better or for worse, let us know what you think about this supposed February 15, 2014 model and whether or not you’ll be grabbing a pair or two. Keep it locked right here at Sneaker Files for more on this upcoming release.

Colorway: White/Infrared-Black
Release Date: 2/15/2014
Retail: $170
Product Code: 384664-123

air-jordan-vi-6-white-infrared-2010-2014-comparison-2 air-jordan-vi-6-white-infrared-2010-2014-comparison-3 air-jordan-vi-6-white-infrared-2010-2014-comparison-4 air-jordan-vi-6-white-infrared-2010-2014-comparison-5 air-jordan-vi-6-white-infrared-2010-2014-comparison-6 air-jordan-vi-6-white-infrared-2010-2014-comparison-7


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  1. Shoes that come in packs (except the 1st DMPs) come in shittier quality cause the mass production of 2 shoes instead of 1 under one budget per project. 2014s will have better quality.

  2. If yall look at the OGs you’ll see that the 2014 pair looks just like it in terms of the infrared. A pinkish color…..smdh

  3. That icey bottom is nice but I’m a og fan myself. I like it when my shoes mature on there on and fade to that yellow bottom. Shows the real Jordan feel of the shoe. I got 142 pairs of Jordans so I know these retros won’t get the money from me.

  4. Its actually hunter orange I have a pic of each release side by side on my IG @207stoners

  5. Having both I disagree I find the 2010 release to be better IMO but Jordan brand didn’t change much as material is concerned it was subtle differences like the inside of the shoe doesn’t have a hint of red near the toe box they left it white which I thought was a bad idea but eh what do I know…also the tounge on the 2010 have white stitching where on the 2k14 its all black