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Air Jordan “RageLab5″ Customs by FETTi D’Biasi

Air Jordan RageLab5 Customs by FETTi D’Biasi

With Jordan Brand having garnered plenty of retail success with the release of the “3Lab5” Air Jordan V’s, it looks like the custom flood gates have been opened. In combining both the “Raging Bull” and “3Lab5” concepts, sneaker customizer FETTi D’Biasi has created this pair of “RageLab5″ Air Jordans. Fully equipped with a vibrant red upper, this colorful base provides the perfect stage for the cracked black lines to shine bright. Throw in an icy sole and touch of red about the shark teeth and you have a pair of customs that would surely make any Bulls fan happy. Read on after the jump to check out a detailed look at FETTi D’Biasi’s latest body of work and be sure to drop us a line in the comments section below.

Photos via FETTi D’Biasi

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