Just one of several retros to adopt the “Sport Blue” theme this year, today welcomes new images of the Air Jordan III (3) “Sport Blue”.

While most of this Air Jordan III (3) maintains a black tumbled leather upper with wolf grey overlays, nothing beats the addition of this silhouette’s sport blue accents. What are your thoughts on this upcoming retro?

Priced at $170, look for the Air Jordan III (3) “Sport Blue” to release next month on August 16th. Stay tuned to Sneaker Files for more news and updates.

Colorway: Black/Sport Blue-Wolf Grey
Release Date: 8/16/2014
Retail: $170
Product Code: 136064-007

air-jordan-iii-3-sport-blue-new-images-2 air-jordan-iii-3-sport-blue-new-images-3 air-jordan-iii-3-sport-blue-new-images-4 air-jordan-iii-3-sport-blue-new-images-5 air-jordan-iii-3-sport-blue-new-images-6 air-jordan-iii-3-sport-blue-new-images-7 air-jordan-iii-3-sport-blue-new-images-8 air-jordan-iii-3-sport-blue-new-images-9


via solefly/sn


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  2. Why do they have to come out on a wednesday?? Means ill miss out! Cant get out of work to go buy Jordans I wish tho!

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