DeJesus Duke AJIIIs

After seeing DeJesus Customs skills with the Air Jordan III (3) yesterday on the “Wu-Tang” pair, we get a look at another AJ III with inspiration from Duke University. With Duke’s showdown against Florida State tonight in football and basketball season just starting up what better way to show off your pride then with some custom Jays. These “Duke” III’s are equipped with a royal blue streak pattern down the toebox while the back, heel end is white with blue stars throughout. Grey and blue take on the cement on the III’s while a black stripe design along with the Duke logo is placed near the ankle of the kicks.

Are you feeling the “Duke Blue Devils” Air Jordan III by DeJesus Customs? Tell us in the comments section below and stay tuned to Sneakerfiles for customs and everything else sneakers!

DeJesus Duke AJIIIs

DeJesus Duke AJIIIs

Via @dejesuscustoms

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  1. Oh hell noooo! Duke is Jordans sworn enemy.I am a Tar Heel fan.This mockery of Jordans shoe is unexceptional .This should have never been done!!! Some one needs to be arrested!!!!

  2. Transform a pair of sneakers into something more EXCLUSIVE hahaha… I know Jordan probably taking notes.

  3. DeJesus Customs oughta be ashamed if themselves!! How dare they disgrace an institution like the Air Jordan, who’s from NORTH CAROLINA & put these horrible Dukie colors on them!!! Not cool….not cool AT ALL!!

  4. I Suppose Dey woulda Been cool 4 all Tha Duke fans if Dey wouldn’t hav Gotten Dat Ass Beat Ta Def By FSU Sat! LOL!!!

  5. Omg with a Grant Hill duke jersey that would be lovely , truly beautiful. #sneakerporn

  6. What type of fake BS Jordan’s are these. MJ would never endorse that other school from NC