air-jordan-4-gucci-customs-by-customs-from-prVersace might be the go-to designer for luxury threads right now, but let’s not forget the timeless designs of Gucci. Widely known for their iconic all over, inverted “G” prints with a wide variety of handbags and accessories, Gucci has been a staple for many luxury fashion consumers. Customs From PR has whipped up a new project, using the Air Jordan 4, that was inspired by Gucci’s signature styles.
The Air Jordan 4 “Gucci” customs by Customs From PR are mostly black with red and green accents throughout. Not to be confused with the stripes that make up Freddy Kruger’s sweater, layers of red and green are stacked on the lacing accessories on the midfoot and rear, heel guard. The actual lacing continues the use of red, as well the outsole. The rest of sole is evenly distributed between white and grey, which mostly covers the front. These wouldn’t be proper Gucci themed customs without the oversized “G” branding logo, which can seem on the custom made tongue tags.
Shout out to Customs From PR for doing an awesome job with this theme! He kept things pretty simple with the all black uppers, and the touches of red and green make these kicks attention-getters. Check out all the angles of these kicks further down this page, and check out more Customs From PR’s work via IG!
air-jordan-4-gucci-customs-by-customs-from-pr air-jordan-4-gucci-customs-by-customs-from-pr air-jordan-4-gucci-customs-by-customs-from-pr air-jordan-4-gucci-customs-by-customs-from-pr

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  1. Jeg dør lige fire gange i træk og kaster op i min fars gamle hat, for FORHELVEDE hvor er de fede Martin Møller Pedersen!!!

  2. Well… Clearly they’re Black Cement’s with just a few green n red brush strokes… Hardly a ‘custom’ design… If ya wanna wear some Gucci’s, go wear some damn Gucci’s… These 4’s were just murdered n mutilated… Better luck next time. :)

  3. I done seen it all… this not a way hype up a shoe! Jordan losing his mind wit all these extras done wit his original designs..terrible!

  4. They wouldn’t b hard to customize either All u need is the bread fours and some sneaker paint