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Air Jordan 3 “Marty McFly” Custom | eBreez3

Air Jordan 3 Marty McFly Custom eBreez3

Still on his heat streak, eBreez3 hits us up again with another popular custom for the sneaker community to enjoy. Since the “Back to the Future” trilogy, “Marty McFly” color-ways have been incredibly popular and are still on the craze to this very day. In 1989, Tinker Hatfield was asked to design a sneaker purposely for the trilogy series. Fifteen years after the initial design, sneaker-fans had a signed petition demanding the return of the Nike Mag; Tinker took immediate notice. After teaming up with Tiffany Beers, footwear innovator, the Nike Mag was successfully replicated to a limited supply of 1,500 pairs. 1,500 pairs that took thousands of hours to create; a great reason for a sneaker to be one of the most hyped of all time. Ever since then, it has been almost every sneakerheads dream to acquire such a grail or to recreate such an iconic sneaker.

Many sneaker artists have been asked to implement the ever so popular “Marty McFly” colorway onto their very own sneaker; luckily eBreez3 does just that. Coming off from using a White Cement 3 as a base, eBreez3 coated the upper leather in a sleek wolf-grey color while accenting white on to the front toe clip, heel, and the tongue. Slate-grey was used for the midsole and heel clip, which was then touched up with blue speckling to give it that “Marty McFly” look. Being able to reach out to eBreez3, he had some quick time to talk about his customs:

Q: What made you design this type of custom?
eBreez3: This was a customer order at the time. I believe that Marty McFly has made such a huge impact in the sneaker community, and I wanted to incorporate a signature shoe.

Q: What base was provided to design this custom?
eBreez3: The customer provided a White Air Jordan Cement 3.

Q: Do you wear your own customs?
eBreez3: Yes, I wear my customs. I mix a lot of my paint to make sure they are 100% wearable, unlike other customizers who limit themselves to only using Angelus paint which is a popular brand in customizing shoes.

Q: What do you have planned for you next custom?
eBreez3: It’s kinda hard to say what my next customs are going to be. I brain storm a lot with small ideas at first but then I always try and figure out how can I do it differently from the next sneaker customizer. Im going to try to use my brainstorming method to produce some 1 of 1 customs to satisfy the fans who appeal to have a more exlcusive pair of kicks. That is all im focusing on at this point.

Focusing generally on the needs of consumers is what makes some successful and more popular in the sneaker world. Consumers everywhere are concerned with whether or not their needs will be taken care of, which seems to be eBreez3’s main objective. eBreez3 has plenty of surprises left for the sneaker world, so stay tuned with SneakerFiles for many more stories and updates. What colorway do you suppose will be the next big deal? Leave your comment below after the jump.


Air Jordan 3 Marty McFly Custom eBreez3

Air Jordan 3 Marty McFly Custom eBreez3

Air Jordan 3 Marty McFly Custom eBreez3

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