Here’s a first look at the Air Jordan 1 x Air Jordan VI (6) “Olympic” Box Set. Rumored to see an extremely limited edition release at an unspecified time, this commemorative pack pays homage to Michael Jordan, USA basketball, and the original Dream Team.

Featuring the Air Jordan 1 “Olympic” and Air Jordan VI (6) “Olympic”, this box set highlights Jordan’s career achievements and displays Olympic insignia in gold throughout. Not to mention, all  of this is likely to come in a special edition briefcase. Wow, like the good ol’ days!

Check out preview images below and let us know if this is something that you’d like to get your hands on.

air-jordan-1-air-jordan-vi-6-olympic-box-set-2 air-jordan-1-air-jordan-vi-6-olympic-box-set-3


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  1. That American flag should be incorporated into the sneaker a little better, like how the Olympic 7s “For the Love of the Game” are. These look like if they catch onto anything it will rip off. Also, hopefully they give it the same look as the OG without the added blue part they did for the 2012 release.

  2. Its not weird at all Nick, ppl at Nike dont wanna waste all the olympic 6s that were sitting on shelves and then sent to outlets, so they retake em, put em in a new fancy box with another not so hyped shoe, say the words “super limited” and hypebeasts will go crazy, marketing 101


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