Landing in at No.1 in China and No.2 on the list of top selling NBA jersey worldwide for the 2012-2013 season, Derrick Rose is back at all costs. Having returned back to the NBA recently, Rose is already off to a healthy start as many are thrilled by his progress and performance. To top it all off, he’s just launched his brand new adidas D Rose 4!

Next level, Derrick Rose’s latest signature sneaker has been treated to new design and technological advances that are essentially good enough to play in or dress up. Enhanced to the superstar player’s specifications, the adidas D Rose 4 makes its debut in several new colorways with premium materials, plus a GEOFIT™ construction for anatomical fit and comfort, padded ankle collars, SPRINTFRAME support for stability, and SPRINTWEB for optimal breathability.

Priced at $140, the adidas Rose 4 is now available through all participating adidas Basketball retailers and online at


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