DRose 4.5 Tiger

While Mr. Rose continues his rehab once again, his sneaker line with adidas plans to let another animal out of the cage this month. With a first look at the D Rose 4.5 “Zebra” under a month ago, we now get a “Tiger” version dressed in orange and black. These 4.5’s come with a Sprint Skin that is decked out in the “Tiger” color scheme while the Crazy Quick sole underneath is black and white with a hint of orange near the plastic heel panel that is majority black. Braided laces along with a red D Rose logo along the side caps off these beauties that are expected to become available January 30th and select adidas retailers such as Eastbay icon.

Could you rock the adidas D Rose 4.5 “Tiger” or is it a little too much for you? Tell us in the comments section below and stay tuned to Sneakerfiles for updates on adidas and much more!

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  1. If I was Toney the tiger yes but I hate cereal and these shoes nobody will say this in Toney the tigers voice… there great… not

  2. Jordan Peek I think the actual shoe looks shit, but I like the pattern, probably would be a decent colour way on the LeBrons or even kobes.

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  4. I’d rather see d rose play than look at this awful shoe. I mean really adidas ? 1 st he gets injured next u say this is his shoe? Kinda a kick while ur down already move