Performance Review: Nike LeBron 9

Here is my review on the LeBron 9.

Traction — 8/10
Cushion — 8.5/10
Material — 8/10
Fit — 7/10 (Runs Small, go up ½ sz)
Ventilation — 6.5/10 (Low Ventilation needed in my opinion for the Pro-Combat Material)

Overall — 7.6/10

Value — Priced at $170, there are far better options available for most player types and positions. If you enjoyed playing in the LeBron 8 P.S. then you will enjoy these as well. In my opinion, these are better suited for larger caliber players with explosive power or smaller players who may not be as quick and a bit on the heavy side as far as muscle build is concerned. Overall decent shoe… just not made for everyone, they were specifically made for one person, LeBron James. If you compare yourself either playing style or built wise, this is a good option for you.


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  1. just realized something about the lebron 9 after playing in them again today. first time i played in them, i used my kentucky pair. that’s when i encountered the tongue edges rubbing against your foot (right shoe for me) as well as the hard tpu jabbing into your big toe (left shoe for me). but today, i used my ohio state pair. surprisingly, i did not encounter any of those problems. it was my first time to use the ohio state pair for ball but i have broken them in since i wear them casually a lot. i decided to compare both pairs and noticed that the tongue on my ohio states is shorter in length than that on my kentuckys. also, the inside of the ohio states at the toebox was pretty smoothly and evenly rounded while the kentuckys weren’t as even (hope you get what i mean). this got me thinking that the problems on the 9 might be pair specific. maybe i got better quality ohio states over kentuckys or something like that. i’ve got the cannon, china, and freegums as well, and have only experienced the tongue problem on my chinas and kentuckys, and the toebox thing only on the kentuckys. nike needs to step up quality control if that’s the case. just wanted to share! hope this helps those who want to use the 9s for ball (i personally love them!) try a pair on before you buy! :D get better, nightwing! eagerly awaiting more reviews!

    • Nightwing2303

      Its possible. Ive received a ton of messages about the same issues with the toe and tongue area, one person played in them to the point where their toe nail fell off… They are a good shoe but like most shoes, they have some issues to deal with.

  2. First, I very much liked your review of the shoe. Thank you.

    I’m looking for the most cushion possible since I have plantar fasciitis on my right foot so I looked at the LeBron 9′s yesterday. The first characteristic that jumped at me was how unflexible this shoe was.

    Definitely a shoe that you should not play on for too long at one time until it’s well broken in. Otherwise, you will find your feet hurt.

    pantxo in Miami

    • Nightwing2303


      If you need heel cushion id suggest trying on the CP3.V, they will amaze you with how responsive and cushioned a foam can be.

  3. i bought mine a couple of days deadspace in the toe and its true to size for is in miami nights CW.i definitely can feel the zoom.and its lockdown! goodness!
    only issue is the cover in the pro combat material is rubbing with the edge of the is damaged now.and you should buy EXTRA laces because the independent harness keeps rubbing the laces.

    i chose this over the wade 2′s because in wades, i experienced heel slippage..not good for a slasher.but i was surprised with its responsiveness..lebron 9 IMO, fits me well.the cut of the shoe is perfect for me.cushioning is great.

    great reviews man and will follow on your reviews!

  4. I have weak ankles would you suggest this shoe to me??

    • Nightwing2303

      Well i dont know much about weak ankles… From what i figure youd need some sort of brace to restrict your ankles movement so you dont end up rolling it.

  5. Alright thanks for the help.

  6. another quick question i am still in high school and play Point Guard whats a shoe you would recommend.

    • Nightwing2303

      I play 1&2 guard so whatever shoe i enjoy would be a good fit for guards. Just take a look back and past reviews and teasers and you will see which ones i have enjoyed.

  7. Just broke out my free gums to ball in today. For me they do fit true to size. However I did encounter the same issue with the tongue edges rubbing against my ankle on the right foot. Any resolve for this issue?

  8. Outkasted

    Review is spot on…particularly the bit about the toe box and how much it hurts if you make impact with it. Case in point: fractured left big toe after 2 hours of ballin’ yesterday. Not a severe fraction, but noticed a ton of blood under my toe nail and just got it x-rayed today…I don’t know if it’s just my pair, or a general design flaw…will be movin’ back to my Kobe VI’s after I’m healed up.

    Next time I purchase a ball shoe I am definitely checking out your performance review first.


    Frustrated Baller.

  9. would these be good for a guard?

  10. would this be okay for a guard?

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