Nike LeBron 11 “No Swoosh” – Another Look

Nike LeBron 11 “No Swoosh” – Another Look


Nike LeBron 11 No Swoosh Another Look

Having already shared a look at quick look at the “No Swoosh” Nike LeBron XI, some new images of the sample pair of kicks have surfaced. Upon examining these new pics, all of you sneakerheads will surely notice the tiny dot that is placed where the bigger Swoosh is usually placed. Aside from that major change, both tongues are void of the typical tabs that call that region of the shoe home. With these still being dubbed a sample, this is definitely going to be something of interest moving forward especially if this could possibly be a preview of what could possibly come. Check out the new photos after the jump and be sure to drop us a line in the comments section below.

Nike LeBron 11 No Swoosh Another Look

Nike LeBron 11 No Swoosh Another Look

Nike LeBron 11 No Swoosh Another Look

Photos via shoulee81

  • Vince Nova Murrain

    ALL BAD!!! James

  • Shane Dobie

    The shoe in back has a swoosh

  • Vanessaa M. Perez

    Dead# they are ugly asf! Lol

  • Avery Funk

    its just a wear test sample

  • Dee Hernandez


  • Eddie Redice

    pretty much geepers minus the swoosh

  • Robert Nandez

    Ugliest shit ever. You couldn’t give that trash away !

  • Cyrus Jerry


  • Melissa Kamps

    They were trying to pull of a jordan? No/less nike branding?

  • Bling Rodriguez

    He is not Jordan ! N has no where the clientele to branch off n do his own thing

  • Herbert Sosa

    Uglier than Lebrons Ex.

  • Star Sulkowski

    Lebron shoes have gotten uglier since lebron 9.

  • Tray Kennedy

    Ugly af

  • Robert Nandez

    Ugly as hell !

  • Jermaine Foster

    U right Bling he’s not Jordan he’s better

  • Kyle Wilson


  • Roel Espinoza


  • Savannah Castle

    Eli Smith omg

  • Phillip Scicchitano

    So stupid, it’s the ugliest shoe I ever seen

  • James Sampson

    Those are disgusting, straight hideous. Vince

  • Abby Gareis

    Lanie Mings?

  • Lanie Mings


  • Matt Ellsworth

    Jordan= diff time period juststop itu were probably born after 95

  • Matt Ellsworth

    Dumbass suckaz….

  • Johnrichard Torres

    No swoosh and there still a swoosh on the shoe in the back

  • Johnrichard Torres

    There trying to be like jordan making a jumpman and no swoosh

  • Demetrius Young


  • Patrice Smith

    Looks like sneaks for a “Transformer”.

  • Mad Mike

    These are HEAVY! Glad niggas aint feeling em, I’ll cop em easy then!