Montreal Brothers Lawsuit Against eBay Upheld Over $96k Nike Air Foamposite One...

Montreal Brothers Lawsuit Against eBay Upheld Over $96k Nike Air Foamposite One ‘Galaxy’ Auction



Yes, you read it correctly!

Brothers Roody Lee, left, and Thierry Mofo, right, of Montreal, Canada have a judge’s ruling in their favor as a decision to sue eBay over an auction involving the Nike Air Foamposite One NRG “Galaxy” has been upheld. As this very sneaker attracted a cult following last year, we’re sure that many of you remember hearing about this exact eBay listing that fetched a price tag of $96,750 before being cancelled and stopped in its entirety by eBay.

So here’s how the story goes:

Roody and Thierry, students of Vanier College, attempted to sell a pair of “Galaxy” foams on eBay February 21, 2012. After noting that they’d only have them available on the 24th, eBay cancelled their auction twenty minutes later after the top bid reached $96,750. Why? Apparently, “as first-time sellers they didn’t qualify to sell them.” Ouch! That’s got to hurt, right? Well, it did, but that didn’t stop these brothers from seeking justice. When a lawsuit was filed in a Quebec Superior Court, eBay would ultimately oppose the action stating that any such cases would have to be filed in a California court. As the Quebec court disagreed and found eBay’s claims and policy “unreasonable”, it appears as if the Montreal brothers could have themselves a slight chance at victory and justice when their case goes to trial.

As the brothers’ lawyer puts it:

“It’s a small step for my clients, but it’s a giant leap for consumers across Quebec.”

With a trial that is expected to occur in 2015, what do you expect to become of this case? Will the brothers be rewarded? Will eBay take note and tailor their processes? In all actuality though, who would’ve payed $96,750 for one pair of sneakers? Is that immoral or what?

As crazy as it sounds, even we’re left scratching our heads at it all.


via Montreal Gazette


  1. They should be sued for being dumb… do u really think someone spend 96k on one shoe? thats enough to fill a closet including havin the galaxys in the collect

  2. These two had to be running a shill bidding scam. Galaxy Foams are worth 2-3K on the average, maybe 5-7K max, depending on where & from who you try to buy a pair from. That price will level off if & when there’s a retro or re-release of them. I don’t feel much for eBay since there has to be millions, if not a billion or two, that’s floating unaccounted for based on the number of people who paid and never received anything. All eBay would do is say “caveat emptor” despite claiming to have security. eBay only recently started having some sort recourse for people if they didn’t get what they paid for.

  3. On the release date I attended a silent auction at a Nike retailer and they were selling for $2,500-$2,800

  4. These shoes have got to be the ugliest I’ve ever seen. ….I see people with them on and I feel bad for them

  5. Lol every one who saya they ran up the bid themselves are stupid. What benefit would they gain from that? All you people talking about no one would pay that much for a pair of shoes can speak for who beseides themselves? If these were two white kids they would be praised by people these days but since they are not I seen a person say that they don’t have money for their children and they are this and that. I’m a be totally honest right now white people are themost hateful and evil people to walk this planet. These two young men did nothing wrong can you prove they ran up the bids? No you can not. Can you prove that there was no person willing to pay that much money? No you can not but you still take it upon yourself to say that they could have done what they did because of why? Because they’re not white? Or because you didn’t think of it? These guys live in Canada we have no idea what the extent is like there when it comes to availability to shoes and we damn sure don’t know the financial background of the people who were bidding. It’s funny how when a black man says something about the negative nature of white people he’s instantly called a racist. What are you if you always see black people in negative view then? I hope they win if it were me I’d sue for a Hundred million for pain and suffering. Stop judging people you know nothing about. As far as I’m concerned black people have nothing to be ashamed about, look at all the messed up stuff white people are responsible for in the world. Lol take a look and you be the judge.

  6. Why would someone pay $90,000+ for one pair when they could get between 30 and 40 pair spending that much?

  7. That’s like asking why someone would pay $90,000+ for a car when they can buy 4 cars for $20,000+ each. No sense in asking either question. Other than that, I’m not sure what the big deal is, and I’m certain that whoever’s buying the shoe can afford it. It’s a collector’s item at best, and it’s pretty rare, too.

  8. Someone with several M’s in their bank account and a difficult time trying to find the shoes they want. Several musicians paid several thousands for the Nike Air Mags (back to the future Nikes that Marty Mcfly wore). People with money throw around money for the things they really want. This should be common knowledge.