Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals JS Wings 2.0 ‘Money’ | Now Available

Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals JS Wings 2.0 ‘Money’ | Now Available



Attention all go-getters, hustlers, and money connoisseurs! The Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals JS Wings 2.0 “Money” has just been released.

If you’re fond of Jeremy Scott and his bold yet trendy designs, this silhouette is for you as it features cool hand-sketched all-over money print graphics, Woven jacquard uppers, luxurious goat leather lining, in-your-face wings, and signature Jeremy Scott branding for a complete finish.

What combines the elements of style and individualism, you may purchase the limited edition “Money” wings today for $220 through all participating adidas Originals stockists or online through addias Originals.

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  • Jeff Hahn

    How much

  • Makaveli Tha Don


  • Brian David Willert

    Abdul Muhammad lmao

  • Abdul Muhammad

    These are fire bro I have the blue ones that came out 2 yrs ago. They are a statement shoe Brian David Willert

  • Radd Van Dam

    Naiomi I gotta do it for the ratchets

  • Buk Ha Randy

    Phithak Montry Cali Grown Coffee Sing Kongvongxay Boy’t

  • Jonathan Noel

    No…Just no….Stop.

  • Naiomi Sapphire

    Radd uhh no.. i’m sure the ratchets won’t mind if you don’t.

  • Rashard Hampton

    Damn unique shit coming out for that October I’m copping

  • Scott P. Girvan

    Weak release. JS needs to quit

  • Rayshawn Bussey

    Dope but better with out the wings

  • Noah’s Arc

    This dude ruined Adidas please fire him already lol

  • Dawn Marquez

    Trashy as hell never

  • Daniel Santos Pinheiro

    Hamilton Da Silva Junior

  • Andros King Case

    no mames no mames no mames!

  • Rue Lopez

    Almost as Dumb as the “Gold Shackle” shoe… Also by Adidas!

  • Jean Oursler


  • Aboubacar Diabagaté

    Wonderfull….i want the same…

  • Ciroc SwaggChamp Loso


  • Kingg Soza


  • Shellz Ledet

    shit ugly and look stupid

  • Raphael Swoosh

    Jochen Wüst smh…

  • Jochen Wüst


  • Jochen Wüst

    paper! paper!

  • Shawn Roper

    I’d rather run barefoot through broke glass then wear these

  • Nick Jackson


  • Georgie Day


  • Emily Stephens

    Minus the wings.

  • Gabriel Rivera

    Ill rock them without the wings

  • Tyler GogoKing Hawkins

    idc what yall say these is hard af

  • Tra Martin

    Dat shit so ugly

  • Josh Jose

    df it is hideous who wants big ass wings on a freakin shoe , disgusting !

  • Adan Diaz

    Without The Wings? LMFAO!

  • Miles Makepeace

    The only wings I don’t mind – would never cop thou

  • Jay Ross

    Id cop, without those wings

  • Leung Wai Lok

    Ruined Adidas? more like SAVED. Adidas Originals are nth without him

  • Frank Houston

    Only cause of the money

  • Chancey Gannz


  • Trey Basham

    thats fresh

  • Tipsneaker Emily

    dollar adidas