Carmelo Anthony Breaks Out Jordan Melo M9 ‘Halloween’ PE

Carmelo Anthony Breaks Out Jordan Melo M9 ‘Halloween’ PE



Although Carmelo Anthony and team fell short of a victory to Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls in the last few seconds of the game, we did manage to catch Melo in his Jordan Melo M9 “Halloween” PE last night.

Only scoring 24 points, the Knicks weren’t lucky this go-around. Check out Melo in his PE below and keep it here at Sneaker Files for more NBA action.



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  • Ace Cito

    And he did terrible! #BullsNation

  • Felisia Lopez

    Gt them Melo

  • Ryan Lozano

    Pumpkin cw is worse idea than valentines day bs

  • Los Whoknows

    Lol she said they have this “business goin” its called stealin from the company or simply a scam, b straight up dnt make it seem like a business venture, thats how people gna think ur tryna play them…. That was funny tho

  • Los Whoknows

    Ive heard of it b4 tho

  • Los Whoknows