Air Jordan XI (11) ‘Ring Ceremony’ PE Resurfaces Last Night

Air Jordan XI (11) ‘Ring Ceremony’ PE Resurfaces Last Night



Ray Allen – better known as Jesus Shuttlesworth – wore his Air Jordan XI (11) “Ring Ceremony” PE‘s last night against the Boston Celtics.

With a back-and-forth matchup all night, Allen helped his team rally past Rondo and team in the end. Why can’t Jordan Brand just release these PE’s already? They’d sell out in an instant, and best believe, we’d put our order in for a pair as well! As good as it sounds, these Air Jordan XI (11) retros remain unlisted on any release date calendar.

Does this stand as one of your favorite PE’s? Share your thoughts in the comments below and keep it here at Sneaker Files for more NBA action.


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  • KingDavid Williams

    PE King!

  • MangstAr Rawlace

    I see a fake

  • Jason Bledsoe

    Avery Bradley be like his shoes so fresh. I don’t even wanna look.

  • Beavis Turner

    MangstAr Rawlace where is the fake? Fake what? If your talking about the 11s ray got on, you are trippin

  • Davion Wells

    Bit hitting that nae nae.

  • Omar Torres

    Worldofmozbullyz Jerry

  • Worldofmozbullyz Jerry

    Omar Torres seen them already they alright I wouldn’t cop tho

  • Juan Pablo Roderick

    Worst colourway yuk

  • Chris Rivera

    Trash they would be an easy pass most ppl would get em just to sell em like the gammas ( gammas are ok) these are straight

  • Bryan Tanksley


  • John Dur

    Plus he got more money then u

  • Tyson Charley

    Ray Allen be fucking up all the retro’s!

  • Dee Woods

    Jesus -can wear anything!

  • Ryan James Puno


  • Michael Dwight Arvie

    The bottoms should have been ice…