Air Jordan Sole Inspired iPhone Cases

Air Jordan Sole Inspired iPhone Cases


Air Jordan Sole Inspired iPhone Cases

Are you tired of the same old iPhone case? You know, the dull, boring cases whose brand names we’d rather not mention. We’ll LanvinPierre might have a solution for you, especially if you’re into dope Air Jordan kicks.

Whether or not you’re into matching your iPhone case with the kicks on your feet, you might find interest in his Air Jordan sole inspired cases which highlight some of today’s hottest models. Decorated to mirror each retro, these one-piece, impact resistant, flexible plastic hard cases provide solid protection and a style that appears flawless.

To get your Air Jordan sole inspired iPhone case, plus more, visit LanvinPierre online at society6 today. Stay here with Sneaker Files for more on the latest in sneaker news.

Air Jordan Sole Inspired iPhone Cases

  • Hansolo2345

    This is VERY dope. Don’t own a Iphone

  • Joe

    someone please make these for samsung galaxy’s too!!

  • rudy

    do u have sole protector for foams?

  • Abraham

    I want wanna bro where can i get one like those

  • Trent

    I got mine in the mail today.(concords) It’s not bad. Thought it was gonna be rubber like the shoes but its just a print. Not complaining thought.

  • jordan master

    do they make new cases every time a new pair of jordan’s come out

  • donovan

    omg yall done h ave this for galaxy s2 do you guys got it

  • anthony

    lol galaxi?? wack ass phone, that shit dont get no love lol

  • anthony

    how can i purchase these?

  • Joe

    @anthony galaxy’s kill iPhones fyi.