Air Jordan IX (9) ‘Photo Blue’ Sample

Air Jordan IX (9) ‘Photo Blue’ Sample



No, it’s not quite the Air Jordan IX (9) “Photo Blue” or the limited edition “Black Bottom” retros but this exclusive unreleased sample might be the best of them all! Yes, no?

While you take it all in, feast your eyes on this retro that unfortunately never made its way to retail, i.e. until now. What obviously adopts a “Photo Blue” aesthetic, this Air Jordan IX (9) is dominated by a patent leather mudguard and matching ankle collar with minimal hits of white that line its heel and tongue branding.

How much would you pay for this sample? How about $2,300? Well, if your pockets are deep enough, this sample size 9 is currently available for purchase on eBay.

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  • Darryl Malik Shepherd

    Seen em bitch lol I want em

  • Darius Trippleblessed Myers

    Best iv Ever Seen

  • PrinceNate StillhereStanfield

    Now them is magnificent and fly

  • Brandon J George

    i thought the blue n black 9s from last year were called photo blues

  • Chris Mejia

    Rafael Martinez

  • Danny Brown

    These will go perfect with the black cam newton jersey.

  • Damaris Bebota Jimenez

    Como las puedo conseguir ?

  • Amber Beck Jefferson

    Diego Navarro and Elizabeth Navarro buy me these. lol

  • Pinoy Ako Wendell Quilates


  • Lecskie Mamerto

    Vincent Ibarrola

  • Terry Trevino

    Juan Diaz

  • Antonio Hunter

    My favorite color!

  • Cydney Tarkington

    Hanzony Macal

  • April Rife

    Those are nice

  • Still Gogetta

    Jordans is jus killing the game rite na PERIOD

  • Jonathan Ramirez

    Daniel Ramirez

  • Yven Loel Pedreso

    ipon mode activated

  • Deontea Gatson

    True blue

  • Gregory Graham

    Finally blue colorways are on the rise

  • Shayla Hardell

    Theses are cool

  • Dawn Herrera

    So loving these I want them

  • Saul Castro

    Im gettn em!

  • Nicole Vs Yvette Phelps

    Jyrome Ruffin

  • Keeshe Harris

    Dion Young

  • James Melton Jr.


  • Jerome Taylor

    These are nice kicks that will go nice with the matching outfit, just something I must admit.

  • Xiang WenTee

    Tee Tianen nah , ur aj9 :) it’s fresh !!

  • Steve Foster


  • Bobby Fullilove

    David Dial

  • Douglas Nieves Jr.


  • Muhammad Dior

    Hard Af… Kinda Look like the Slim Jenkins

  • Ruben Martinez

    Danger. Nice

  • King Smoke


  • Dwight Sellars

    Cokeboy Andy

  • Lovelle Carter

    color is nice

  • Ben Redskins Holt

    very nice

  • Dwight T Jenkins

    Tori Nelson….

  • Nathan Jemfunk Winslow


  • Jerome Cook


  • Chris Nair

    Is it available in showroom malaysia

  • Brandon J George

    Photo blues 9s dropped last year. Those are not “Photo Blues”..

  • Looh Vidal

    – Jonas Silva??

  • Paolo Andrada

    Bam Victor??

  • Jonas Silva

    FODA MOZÃÃÃÃO!!!! Não mas daora do que o X… hahahaha

  • Victor Villanueva

    Nice! Paolo Andrada

  • Looh Vidal

    – Preferi esse Moozão hahah! Mais não mais foda que o Jeremy Scott hahaha!

  • Jonas Silva

    Hahaha falando em J.S…. ahhahahhahaha

  • Robert Kenneda

    these are bad ass….

  • Looh Vidal

    – Oque Tem o J.S. Garoooto???

  • Jonas Silva

    Hahhahaahhaahahhahahaahaha daora né Mozão o J.S.? Hahahaha Looh Vidal

  • Jayme Patterson

    I want these so bad. A kid st my sons school has a pair of these he got in FL at a sample sale. I wish I could wear a 9!!!

  • Jai Egland

    ULTRAAAAAAAA …….weak

  • Tori Nelson

    Wow ok I see you Dwight Jenkins. They are very different. How much

  • Looh Vidal

    Só me Enrola né Garoooto! hahahahha Eeer o Mais Foda Amoor!

  • Jonas Silva

    Looh Vidal Oshi, fiz nada Garota hahahahahahah Aé? Suaaaave… ahahha

  • Looh Vidal

    – Huuunrum Sei Hhahahah! Suuuave!

  • Leroy Santos

    better then the actual photo blues

  • Junior Contreras

    Gotta get these

  • issdutchhh

    mad ugly lmao

  • Miller Chheng

    There 2,500 $$$ , they cost as much as a ford lol

  • Miller Chheng

    Better yet that’s a down payment for a car lol

  • Courtez Hunter

    Must have….

  • Arionia Ke’Sha

    love these

  • Joseph Anthony Garcia

    i want a pair

  • Anthony Deon English

    my’s to tru! blue!! clue!!!

  • Leon Tolbert


  • Valentine Washington

    Now these shits is cracc

  • Chavious Moore


  • Tj Lusung


  • Kelly Kelvin Nkandu Mwansa

    Cool sneakz…..jz til i die

  • Jael Rosario

    Derek Marroquin

  • Carl Cortes

    GaNdA … SaNa mKAbLi Ako nyan … :p