Air Jordan III (3) “Wu-Tang” Customs by DeJesus Customs

Air Jordan III (3) “Wu-Tang” Customs by DeJesus Customs


DeJesus WuTang AJ3s

Dillon Dejesus, who runs DeJesus Customs, clearly has a knack for creating some top-notch, noticeable custom kicks which are also some of the adjectives used to describe the group these were inspired by. With more inspiration from the “Wu-Tang” Nike Dunk that released a while back in 1999, these Jordan’s come complete with a black tumbled leather upper whereas the cement on the toe cap and heel are yellow with a black background. On top of the grey outsole and white lower-half midsole there is a yellow midsole higher up that is decked out with black speckle throughout. C.R.E.A.M. (Cash Rules Everything Around Me) is placed on the inner half near the ankle and the Wu-Tang logo was placed in the same spot on the outside. Other dope features included are the Jumpmen on the shoes that are holding Wu-Tang logos instead of basketballs.

How do you feel about DeJesus Custom’s Air jordan III(3) “Wu-Tang” Customs? Let us know in the comments section below and stay tuneds to Sneakerfiles for customs and much more!

DeJesus WuTang AJ3s

DeJesus WuTang AJ3s

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