Air Jordan 12 (XII) Rising Sun – White / Black – Varsity...

Air Jordan 12 (XII) Rising Sun – White / Black – Varsity Red


Air Jordan 12 (XII) Rising Sun - White / Black - Varsity Red

Back in April, we reported that the Air Jordan 12 (XII) would be releasing three now colorways this holiday season, and we now have our first look at the first of three styles. This pair hosts a white leather upper with black accents on the out-sole, inner lining, and heel, while varsity red accents can be seen via the heel and tongue. Overall, this pair yields a clean and fresh new colorway of a classic model. This sneaker is nicknamed the “Rising Sun” Air Jordan 12 (XII), and will release in October 2009 for a retail price of $150. Be sure to check out the additional pictures after the jump.

Air Jordan XII (12) Retro (Limited Release)
Release Date: 10/2009
Style Number: 130690-163
Colorway: White/Black-Varsity Red
Retail Price: $150

Via Kenlu/NT.

Air Jordan 12 (XII) Rising Sun - White / Black - Varsity Red

Air Jordan 12 (XII) Rising Sun - White / Black - Varsity Red

Air Jordan 12 (XII) Rising Sun - White / Black - Varsity Red

Air Jordan 12 (XII) Rising Sun - White / Black - Varsity Red

Air Jordan 12 (XII) Rising Sun - White / Black - Varsity Red

  • Alex

    First… CLEAN AS HELL

  • ginobili#1


  • ginobili#1

    dam it!!! i thought i was first

  • equis

    f1rst damn it…. ha! neways nice

  • Frank

    Perforations ruin the sneakers

  • jayfay07

    DAMN THESE THOED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i still like my nubucks better though

  • Diok

    Too Much Fu**In White…Cool But NeeD a Second Color!!!!


    these are clean

  • JP

    i don't like the perforations either, the patent leather doesn't look to good as well.

  • bossup313

    jb why the patent leather????????? why

  • Cholly Da Beat Man

    These look good but if my Playoff XIIs are any indicator these will be harder than a mutha to keep clean.

  • rocboy23

    honestly i dont lke 12s that are only 1 color (all black,all white) I think the design of the show looks so much better in two colors

  • Lukas

    these in my opinion are like da most garbage 12's ever dat is 2 much white

  • J_Luva

    I need these in my life, fresh to def on dat ass in some all wyte 12's

  • J.head

    gots to cop dey fresh

    im sittin dem right next to my nubucks

  • briana

    white= yellowing quicker. they're nice though. coppin 2 pairs. maybe 3

  • wow

    hey i dont now bout the pepz here, always cryin around, this is not good…blabla…be happy that jordan still makes shoes..dont cry around, some people are more worst than girls with there nails..damn

  • Dee

    not feelin em but im sure they will sell

  • Shaun

    I am definitely copping all three pairs. These are tough too.

  • dreadman85

    I need dez in my life fo'reel. White on white jordans are the best.I still got me pure white three's so i can add dez to tha collection.

  • yeezy

    Too much f***ing white

  • Exc!tement

    See…Thats wats really stupid about JB. If they would have released these now and the Black/Carolina Blue….That would have been way Effin Better. I didnt want the all blacc ones because summertimes comin and who wants an all blacc shoe!! Now when these come out…Even tho im gone get 'em…When the hell will I be able to wear ann all white sneaker in the middle of the winter…Sometimes I wonder what exactly do these brands be thinkin

  • jayfay 07

    i like these.. but dont quote me i think they will take the paten leather off these look like some early stage jordan's… but until then nubuck and my 11/12 package will have to do

  • Alex

    First… CLEAN AS HELL

  • 90snikehead

    got countdown and nubucks will def pass on this get black red pair end of year

  • HondaEngineering


    Man… you make more since then allot of people on here.

    I never thought about it, but your right; this doesn't make any since this color way should have came out on the 30th of May, and the Black ones should be coming out it's place.

    Hey! I'm still getting them…

  • SneakerBox

    now these are fresh and clean!


    wtf is wrong with most of yall ppl. these r by far the worst 12s I have ever seen n my life. This is y JB is goin down hill

  • Jigga Shutup

    Im guessing some rapper is going to wear these shoes with baggy jeans and a white tee looking all sloppy. STU PID N I G G E R SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! Puahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


    Man all three shoes comin at the end of the year are cold idk wat the fuck yall nigkaz crying about they all fresh either you got the cake for em or ya dont.

  • AMP

    buying dem fo sho

  • 23/501


  • Vante

    I absolutely LOVE THE 12'S

    but…….I might have to pass on these simply cuz

    I am NOT a fan of all white shoes

  • Tyrone

    i agree with frank the preforations dont do it for me, i might cop, but nike has 2 other kicks i am waiting for in holiday season, dang, santa better bring an extra bag lol.

  • Yo Momma is ugly &am

    These are Dope and I am getting these btw I had a chance to get the black nubuck 12 but I passed on them.

  • HR

    they look clean as sh!t. But i cant last long with all white shoes. But i still gotta roll with the Space Jams over ther 12s when it comes out the same month.

  • Austin

    Nice. But not nice enough. I need 3 pairs of tb3's and space jams. Sorry

  • Peeeazy

    do i see printed carbon fiber right there?

  • Sir TJ

    idk these r so so. id have to c em n person to c if i want to buy them. n if i did they goin straight to my schools gym to b hooped n

  • [F]resh

    These are like a 50/50 for me I still don't know.

  • AirFresh232

    another classic dead!

  • J.A,Y.


  • d-$

    these are fresh as sh**. Im def gonna cop those!!!

  • His Airness

    These are too white.

    I like them, but I'd like to see them in person. As for the person who said that these should've come out this summer rather than in the fall, it makes perfect sense to me too!

    Good shoe, wrong season!

  • His Airness

    At least it's not a fusion!!! Jordan Brand is trying…! I'll give them that!

  • marco po

    at first i hated them because they was all white. i was telling my folks that jordan has lost his mind then i see they put more detail into the sneaker, wow ima pick up these, the white and red retro 12's, and the black and red retro 12's how ya like me now

  • CW1LL

    I'd rather get sum fresh white air forces but there nice not that great cud do better

  • His Airness

    If the side of the shoe were black, these could almost look like the playoffs 12s…!

  • Mars Blackman

    The Joint is dumb ugly i was lookin forward to the till i saw the pics

  • P.O.L.O

    I dnt like em but im sure somebody will buy them

  • dj

    these are fugly.. sorry JB but you failed on the retro of a good shoe. the holes realllly kill it.

  • DJ Aspect

    you guys that claim first are morons!! who cares?? you might as well say "i have no life and sit here on the net 24 hours a day just to say "first". Idiots!!

  • sneakerking86

    The weakest wackest cw I have ever thanks jb for all yal effort to please the consumer lol

  • 4srmyfav

    These are hot I'm gonna cop these 4 sure


    At first i was like they messin up a classic but these do clean up nicely.

  • Justice

    soo now wee have all white 12z greatttttttt smh


    with some black socks, maybe some black laces from another pair of 12s these will look nice on. I dont see what the fuss is all about. its not like its some crazy colorway of purple, yellow, lime, burnt orange, or teal. white/black/red…simple…gotta understand the theme of the shoe. But it shouldve came out in may…and nubuck in the fall. Dont care…all 12s are bought this yr.

  • phrshkiddb(23)

    dammm these hoes are clean..

    betta beleive im gettin dese too

  • sopgent

    They ok, black/red cant wait..

  • T@zBab!

    Iunno i think these are kinda fresh…i already got my Nubucks and i will def cop these and the otha XIIs coming out! Word!

  • 23ForLife

    I’m a sucker for patent so definitely gonna cop these and all the other XII and the Space Jams! 2009 is killing me with all the packs and retro’s!

  • the proven youth

    cant wait

    but im aint ever walkin in dirt again

  • TechNutt

    I dont know how I feel about these, yet. Initially I really liked (prob cuz I'm starved for more XIIs), but these prob will grow. i like the all white colorway and black back/bottoms.

  • mysteriOusz1


  • james anderson

    fuckin sick.

  • LiquifiedDopeness

    i need some basketball shoes for home games this year….I guess these will do.

  • Chaz

    Well if they would have put the "Rising sun" Graphic on the outside of the shoe then it would have looked worst. I like em but still wit get the Flu games over em.

  • daddy

    coke white son….

  • CJustice

    A true Jordan man can't sleep on these I'm gonna double up for sho', and on the next one too!

  • j23

    the bottom pics look ok but imma cop da flus n cherrys

  • Dat Dudee

    Well Im for sure copinn dese..however, someone is bound to get shot for steppin on all whites…man these are hot as hell

  • cali skrilla

    these are actually a lot better than what they look like online, in person theyre sick!

  • jayking

    dam these VIIs are klean, I koppin 2 pairs


  • jayking

    oops I mean XIIs…

    my bad im high


  • JayWalker11

    IMA Hav3 tO Cop Th3Se,,Ver7 Nic333332333323333

  • 704retroKing

    already got the nubucks So yall kno this gne be on my feet tha 26 going back to sckool wit ah pair of levi's

  • willipen

    they have been cancelled because of the japanese flag on the insole, disputes of something racial stopped the release. someone from footlocker presold the not knowing of the postpone release and got fired.

  • Manuel

    man these are bad,,,might get em