Model: Vans – Vans Slip-On
Purpose: Skateboarding
Original Release: 1973
Updates: Vans News

The Vans Slip-On was released in 1973 for skateboarding. The simple sneaker was easy to get in or out of, as the absence of laces is its main attraction. This old school classic was not only used for skateboarding, as it caught on fast with the freestyle BMX crowd.

Vans Slip-On

Vans Slip-On
The simple design of the Vans Slip-On allowed for many different color ways and customizations to be made. There have been countless color ways and designs of the Vans Slip-On, from solid colors to intricate graphics. Companies such as X-Girl, Taito Corporation, Addict, Silas, Dogtown, and Walt Disney have all collaborated with Vans for their own Vans Slip-On.

The Vans Slip-On remains a very popular sneaker today, and is still even used for skateboarding and freestyle BMX.