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Supra Passion 'Royal Blue Suede'

Supra Passion ‘Royal Blue Suede’

Also new from Supra is a royal blue suede edition of the Lizard King's signature Passion. Pairing royal blue suede quarter panels with a matching...
Supra Passion 'Brown Suede'

Supra Passion ‘Brown Suede’

Newly available from Supra as a Fall/Winter 2012 release is a brown suede edition of the Lizard King's signature boot-like Passion. Donning a brown suede...


Supra provides a detailed video look at the Boo Johnson edition of the Lizard King's Passion from the Pro+Am collection. The SUPRA PRO + AM...
Supra Passion 'Boo Johnson' Pro+Am

Supra Passion ‘Boo Johnson’ Pro+Am

New from Supra's Pro+Am collection is a special edition of the Lizard King's signature Passion for Boo Johnson. Donning a green long-grain suede upper with...
Supra Passion 'Black'

Supra Passion ‘Black’

Available alongside the grey colorway of the Lizard King's signature Passion is this black version of the mid-top skate kicks. Decked out in black suede,...
Supra Passion 'Grey'

Supra Passion ‘Grey’

Newly available from Supra are two previously unseen colorways of the Passion. First up we have a look at this predominately grey colorway. This iteration...
Supra Passion 'Duck Twill'

Supra Passion ‘Duck Twill’

Following the release of the "Duck Twill" Thunder a few weeks ago is the Lizard King's signature Passion silhouette in the same material. With a...
Supra Passion - Lizard King's New Signature Model

Supra Passion – Lizard King’s New Signature Model

New from Supra is the latest signature model for the Lizard King, the Passion. The Passion features a mid top design inspired by the classic...