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Marc Jacobs Side Zip Sneaker

Marc Jacobs Side Zip Sneaker – Available Now

American Fashion designer Marc Jacobs is adding a new sneaker to his footwear collection that includes a zipper, and no he is not working...
Marc Jacobs Wingtip Sneaker

Marc Jacobs Wingtip Sneaker

The Marc Jacobs brand isn't particularly known for its sneaker line. However, it did try to build said line up, finishing off last...
Marc Jacobs Leopard Print Sneaker

Marc Jacobs Leopard Print Sneaker

Not particularly well-known for its sneaker designs, Marc Jacobs dropped a collection of Port Shoes this past Spring. The brand follows that effort...
Marc Jacobs for Native - Jimmy Boot

Marc Jacobs for Native – Jimmy Boot

Marc Jacobs isn't necessarily known for its footwear, but it does keep somewhat busy in that area- having offered its two cents to the...
Marc Jacobs - Port Shoes

Marc Jacobs – Port Shoes

So far this season, we've checked out some desinger name boat shoes including offerings from Louis Vuitton and Gucci. Today, we take a...

Marc Jacobs Sneakers – Fall/Winter 2010 Collection

While a lot of sneaker attention is now being paid to NBA athletes who can often be seen showing off their new feet candy...

Marc Jacobs Spring – Summer 2010 Footwear

Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2010 Footwear line has emerged. The sneakers (high and low top) are very basic, neutral colors and not a lot...

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