Model: Adidas – Adidas Superstar
Purpose: Basketball
Original Release: 1969
Updates: Adidas News

The Adidas Superstar was first released in 1969 as a low top version of the Adidas Pro Model. Because of the rubber toe box, the Adidas Superstar was also known as “Shell Toes”, or “Shell Shoes”. Original colors are black, navy, red and white, but since then the Adidas Superstar has been produced in numerous color ways.

The Adidas Superstar original purpose was to play basketball in, but in the 1980s that started to change. One of the originators or Hip Hop Run DMC loved their Adidas “Shell Toes” so much they wrote a song called My Adidas. After that, just about everyone involved in the Hip Hop scene had a pair.

Adidas Superstar

Adidas Superstar
The original French manufactured Adidas Superstar had the gold and black logo on the tongue, which became the most desirable. Now, their are some models of the Adidas Superstar that has released with the gold logo on the tongue.

Nowadays a big factor when wearing a pair of Adidas Superstar’s is individuality. In order to be different, or represent yourself is how you lace your Shell Toes. People from all over had fat laces to skinny lace, to different color laces. Also different styles of lacing like skipping a hole, or making a design.
Adidas Superstar