Model: Adidas – Adidas Jabbar
Purpose: Basketball
Original Release: 1971
Updates: Adidas News

The Adidas Jabbar was the first basketball sneaker that was celebrity-endorsed. The Adidas Jabbar was released for the first time in 1971, and was the favorite basketball shoe of the time. The Adidas Jabbar sports a rather simple look, a low-top model with three stripes running down the side and the trefoil on the ankle. A portrait of Kareem Abdul Jabbar appears on the tongue, as well as his signature.

Adidas Jabbar

Adidas Jabbar
On or off court, the Adidas Jabbar has made its mark. Off court, the sneaker has been associated with b-boys and break dancing. The Adidas Jabbar is not a cheap item today, with prices soaring to about $1,000.