Vans TNT 2 Mid - Red

Tony Trujillo’s signature Vans sneaker, the TNT 2 Mid, has gained much popularity as of late due to the new and unique colorways which were released earlier this year. Now, the mid top skate shoe has just dropped in a new red, white, and black colorway. This pair has a red suede and leather upper with black accents and a classic white vulcanized waffle sole. Also included on this pair is an extra padded tongue and collar to enhance comfort and support. These are now available at your local Vans retailers.

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  1. Chuck your dumbb. Supras are the #1 fakest shoes out there. Vans are the like the #1 realest skating shoes out there and one of the first. Also if these really do look like supras, its problably just the colors cause ive never heard a more ingnorant comment like that. No other vans look like supras. Check em' all out before you write down a comment

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