Todd Bratrud x Nike SB Dunk High "Cheech & Chong" - CANCELLED?
Many people are looking forward to April 20th- for more than one reason. Sneakerheads will probably point to the release of the Todd Bratrud x Nike SB Dunk high “Cheech & Chong” as the main one. However, that may no longer be the place. Certain Nike SB stockists including Note and Scene have reported that, although they’ve received their shipment of the shoe, legal complications have resulted in a cancellation of this release. Much like the Freddy Krueger Nike SB dunk low that never saw a general release, these could also very well have been put on hold forever as a result of uncompromising film studios who produced the movie. Say it ain’t so, Nike. Say it ain’t so.

Todd Bratrud x Nike SB Dunk High "Cheech & Chong" - CANCELLED?
Via N-SB.


  1. why, i just dont understand! theyre not going to release a shoe promoting marijuana??? thats crazy! they couldnt get slammed with lawsuits for people blaming their weed use on nike at all!! oh gosh darn it this is so confusing… seriously, grow up. weed is for b*****s who think it makes them cool…

  2. Is this guy known for smoking weed? All his shoes have to do with weed, not that i am against it but come on.

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