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IPATH Earth Series – Holiday 2009

IPATH is taking its shoes to the outdoors, making an Earth-themed series to please those who are ones with nature. The IPATH Earth Series...

IPATH Classics – Cricket

IPATH will be launching their Classics collection for the Spring '09 season. The Cricket is another original style that will be reappearing after being in...

IPATH Classics Grasshopper

Starting in Spring 2009, IPATH will be launching their Classics collection which will bring back old colorways and styles. The first of the Classics...

IPATH Black Pack – Grasshopper | Centennial

As IPATH gears up for the Action Sports Retailer (ASR) next month, they will be bringing back some past favorites in their latest Black...

IPATH Bob Burnquist Grasshopper – Smoke LE

We have been featuring Bob Burnquist's first shoe with IPATH over the past few weeks, here's a look at the limited edition Burnquist Grasshopper...

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