Release Date Reminder: Air Jordan XX3 (23) White / Varsity Red - Metallic Silver

Tomorrow, May 31st 2008, the Air Jordan XX3 (23) White / Varsity Red Silver will release, and this pair is dubbed “Old Love”. Yet another solid, and traditional Air Jordan XX3 model made especially for the die-hard Jordan fans. If your up late, and do not want to wait in lines, the Nike Store and other retailers will have them early for $185.00. Good Luck!

Click to purchase from Nike

Click to purchase from FinishLine


  1. those are ok i like white/red/black. can't even wait for the air jordan retro 1. og and package XI,XII. and XI (spacejam) yeaaaaaaaaaaah.

  2. space jams aren't coming in the pack. can't wIt to get mines at 6am california time. every 23 cept for titaniums, we getting it out here in sac




  4. Best pickup this year so far! Not even close. But beware of the fakes on Ebay. Know what you're looking at like the shape, panel print, and the colors. I've seen some terrible ones already sell for over $150 and retail.

    If you got a cc, you can copp at still. They got em in lots of sizes. I guess the release was wayyy late. Peace!

  5. just got mine ….. Was nobody here …… Was the first one ….. Waiting for SIDS to open so I can buy a shirt this was real easy!!!!!!!

  6. Put em on waiting 4 that damn limited tee but detroit yall know we shut em down every time "im out hustling" .

  7. FINALLY GOT THEM. Had to go to to get it, but I got it. If you want it, go there cause they still got sizes 7-12 left.

    Finishline is always sold out when it comes to stuff like this but if you keep checking their site, you can get it eventually.

    Eastbay says they still got it, but when you go to add it to your cart, hey say they don't have any more LOL. Check Eastbay ever 2 hours to see if they get more.

    Or just go to your local spot and hope that no one in the general population knows about the release yet.

  8. All haters are either asleep or BROKE.JB always releases black/ red and white /red.You gonna kick yourself in the ass when you guys see how much these resell for now and tomorrow.1

  9. Just got mine off of best 23's yet. eastbay sold out in 5 Minutes. we didn't even get these in the D. thank god for the internet

  10. These might be on the level of the All-Stars since it's really not a general release. Ordered them on Eastbay at midnight, but their website completely crashed after I placed my order. Didn't know if my order was completed but I got my confirmation email afterwards… Lucky me!

  11. Eastbay's site crashed? No Way!!! I wonder just how many of these Jordans got sold in an hour? The number is probably up there.

  12. Copped minez,can't wait for the new loves later this year,they will be JB motorsports inspired with blue,black,and white colors.Those will sell out very quickly.One

  13. You can pay $69.99 if you want some fake ass shoes,but nice try.If it sounds to good to be true,it probobly is.

  14. Why pay 175 dollar when you can pay 79.99 and get some fakes, pretend that they are real when anybody gives you complements you, front like you got money and so on.

    Isn't that better than buying the real thing?

    /end sarcasm

  15. These are next in line against the blue titaniums. These are by far the best xx3's yet and when the sun hits them they are like a candy paint. I would have had the titaniums but I was the 24th person and they had already taken pre orders. I'm still upset about that.

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