Reebok Kool Aid Pack June 2008

Today we have received some exciting news, Reebok is set to release a “Kool Aid” pack. So far, we have a big picture of Six different Reebok x Kool Aid sneakers, but it is possible different colors will drop.

Featuring Bright, almost highlight colors on all pairs, exactly like the thirst quencher Kool Aid. Expect more information and pictures soon, and a release is scheduled for June 2008. Via Bnyconline.

Reebok Kool Aid Pack June 2008


  1. there are going to be hoodies,shirts, and hats to go with the sneakers a reebok rep told us all about these at our store

  2. DEezNutz23, LMAO.

    i bet reebok is hitting up Popeyes next. their whole hip hop campaign failed for them so now they are doing every stereotype of black folks

  3. Not news to me, I placed the order for my store over a month ago. First shipment will go out April 1st 2008. The other color of shoes not pictured is bright orange. They will also be releasing some fantastic tees and hoodies to go with the fitted caps. Also shoes will be made in all white with the same bright colors on the reebok stripes and outsole.

    One of the T-shirts has the kool aid man with "OH YEAH" text.

  4. y kool-aid y reebok. they couldn't at least try puma…Sad, but i love the hats wonder how many points it will take to cop me a couple.m already drinkin non stop. i still havent seen a blue cap though. probably will take 1000 pts jus 4 the hat. Time to take my blade to the grociery store. 2, 4, 6, 8 uhh ohh i think its time to run that clerk is looking at me funny

  5. im a sneaker fiend. I got 170 pairs of fresh, clean kickz. from starbury to gucci. im adding these to da collection. the colors are crazy for the spring.

    reeboks r classics

  6. I can get it poppin with or without jordans and and nikes. shit I've been tryna find the l.a gear texs with the lights in the back.

  7. the person that said they hate black people, we dont like u either so stopp hatin and back the hell up. And for the kool-aids im definitely bout to cop me a pair, for the haterz that dont like them this is wat i got to say to u, Get the F out of here yall jus trippin cuz yall didnt think of them

  8. kool-aid do you no what that gotta drink hard than buy the $hoe$. than wear them out $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$! we are trippin because because we don"t know how to make the coolaid purse may you please diliver me one for free and i want it red. if yallll!Are a ass hoe

  9. DAM dis kool aids ARE LIKE OFF DA CHAIN is so kool i got me alrady 5 pairs of dose i just need sum blue ones hahahahahaahahahahaha

  10. am a cop these and 4 all the people that dnt like em stop hatin and 4 whoever who said that comment about black people deal with it

  11. u kno wat these r going to hit hard and ya'll no it all the ones saying they don't like it will be the ones with them o their feet the kool aid reebok r nice and hot for the summer like come on stop always thinking nikes r the shit cuz sorry to say but there not theres other things out there

  12. stop haten on thesse kicks..

    i have a pair i got them in manhatten in lime green

    everyone who says reebocks suck ..they dont these are so comfortable and hot

    everyone loves them and always asks where i get my kicks

    im a girl too so everybody can wear em

    koolaid is dope

  13. was up all yall lil white crackers out there haten on black folk need to quit because yall dont see us tlkin bout yall lil wretched asses so yall need to quit or next time u get sumthin from me umma be @ ur front door with my fist ready im the badddest get that shit straight and if i see another racist comment its gone be hell to raise and consequences and repercurtion and yall up here talkin bout koolaid shoes aint for black people crackers we invinted mutha fuckin kool-aid why the fuck yall hatin on blacks i hope all u muther fuckers die and i aint no racist i have many white friends but all yall fuckin black folk haters step off or u gone regret it




  14. yall white folks hatin on black folk u betta shut ur asses up b4 i beat u better quit or nxt time u here from me ill be at ur front door i didnt stutter i hope u heard me well cus i meant every fuckin word

    ps:u better not hate on soulja boy i will kill ur ass over him and hurt u overr chris brown this to u too rihanna i dont like ur man lookin ass bitch fuck u

  15. tengo un par de estos tenis y los AMO!!!

    son totalmente negros con detalles en blanco y verde, y lo mejor fue que solo me costaron 35 dolares!!!!

  16. they are sick but this isnt a new release i have the full purple ones everyone i know thinks they are fly. btw: they come with a pack of kool aid!

  17. Sweetie im not from the projects and never will be. && i absolutely love my skin color so why change it? Unlike some of you whites yall like to go get burned and come out the house looking like cheetos.

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