NIKEiD Bespoke Air Force 1 “Makoto”

Makoto of Five Star Japan experimented with every cement print available in the NikeiD catalog, creating this monstrosity of an interesting Bespoke Nike Air Force 1 (One). The shoe pairs regular ol’ grey/black cement (elephant) print with, blue, burgundy, grey/orange, and brown cement print. I know how some of you cats get in the “Comments” section, but please, let us know what you think of these!

NIKEiD Bespoke Air Force 1 “Makoto”

Via Nike Sportswear.

NIKEiD Bespoke Air Force 1 “Makoto”

NIKEiD Bespoke Air Force 1 “Makoto”

Via Nike Sportswear.


  1. I think they are hot, not for everyday of course, but still hot…its all about texture, neon, and metallics this year so these fit right in…

  2. they make an interesting display model,would not wanna wear these (code violation) but it would've been better if he played with complimentary colors instead of throwing random hues and neutrals. complimentaries would've fit perfectly for this shoe, but oh well, he was just having fun i guess, so it's really no big deal

  3. they're a lil excessive but its cool to see exactly how specific you can be. even the nike label on the tounge is cement

    and i have to say the quality of these shoes is remarkable (for 800+ they better be)

    if i found 1000 in a brown bag i would have to consider makin a bespoke

  4. I don't know what to say?

    I feel like anyone with enough time and money couldve made something a little bit better. I mean for Christ sake its elephant print! You can't go wrong!

  5. sooo f ing hooot damn i want these but i'll have to put sum navy blue laces in dere nd it a wrapp…

    o man georgeous . o man

    o man . i think im in love.. lol

  6. ….. okay this pisses me off … yall nigguhz cant bare to ;look at a fuckin afj fusion but yall all ready 2 spend ya goddamned rent money on these bull shytz i mean $H!+ these is horrible id fxck a homeless girl b-4 i wear these… dead ass