Nike SB x Hiroshi Fujiwara - P-Rod II

Earlier this year, the Nike SB x Hiroshi Fujiwara P-Rod II was released featuring a black upper with multi-colored accents. Here’s a look at the second collaboration on the P-Rod II by Hiroshi Fujiwara of Fragment Design.

This time around, white is the dominant color, but not much can be told by these two pictures. However, Hiroshi Fujiwara’s signature and logo does appear on the tongue which adds a nice touch. Stay posted for more info. Via Honeyee.

Nike SB x Hiroshi Fujiwara - P-Rod II


  1. i'm sorry for whoever made these P-Rod II sneakers because they look OD homo for girls or boys you digggz my ni99a



  2. These joints are on point! I can rock these with some daisy dukes and a white tee tied up in the front. I can also alternate these out with those new Olympic Jordan 6's releasing next month. Heeeeeeeeeeey!!!

  3. theres hardly any rainbow yall just homophobic the rest of the shoe looks flossy

    just no picks to show anything other then the rainbow

  4. I'll be coppin these. The rest of you skip em. Hiroshi Fujiwara wouldn't wan't ugly people to wear his shoes anyways!

  5. well said BIG J

    haha but these shoes truly are worthless

    wanted those black/red asia exclusive prods that he did at the begining of the year

  6. im sencing some homafobes looks like yall in aint confterable witcha sexuality ha people always hatin on sumthin


    straight person

  7. All you guys that say you are copping and are calling the rest of us homophobes for disliking the rainbow colorway, I have a question for you….

    Sure you may be secure in your manhood, but honestly what kind of message do you think you sending to general public when you rock these? Sure there may be some dudes out there with the swagger to rock these, but must cats who tried to rock would get at the minimum a raised eyebrow from onlookers. Heck, maybe even a couple of advances (if you get my drift).

  8. u should do it yourself and see how much acception u get from others… all i got to say is interesting choice of colors NIke interesting……

  9. Im gonna call these right here the "Gay-Rods". I like that, thats a good name for these SB's. You gonna be a real confident man to walk around in these shoes, good luck with all you who planning to buy them when they come out.

  10. Hey! I like your post "x Hiroshi Fujiwara – P-Rod II | Sneaker Files" so well that I like to ask you whether I should translate into German and linking back. Greetings Engel

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