Nike G.I. Joe Pack

Nike’s newest pack incorporates the G.I Joe characteristics and elements from land, air and sea. The first pair apart of the this package is the Air Assault featuring reflective camouflage and is the land part of the package. It features darker colors and Earth tones.

The second pair is the Vandal High which features translucent mid-sole and lasered waves at the back of the shoe. Last but not least is the Air Trainer SC also known as the Bo Jackson Trainers. This will be the most sought after pair between the three for it has been highly anticipated. Via SlamXHype.

Nike G.I. Joe Pack
Nike G.I. Joe Pack
Nike G.I. Joe Pack


  1. "This will be the most sought after pair between the three for it has not been highly anticipated."


  2. I have a feeleing nike is gonna get sued sooner or later for theese unofficial collaborations bur yea da Scz are hot

  3. ^Why? There is nothing copyrightable on the shoe or boxes. The Bo's are hideous. The mid sole looks like it yellowed. The vandals are hot.

  4. Yep! Those Trainers are a most def.

    Not worthy of being called "G.I.Joe Pack" though. If Nike is going to do a real G.I.Joe shoe pack they need to do better than this weak "land, air, sea" theme.

    How about using Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, and Firefly for a little inspiration…..

    Hello Beaverton, is anyone listening over there?

  5. This is a good concept. The kicks match what this pack should be. Straight gutta' yet gully for the grind. The Air Assault with the camo toe-box and, side to heel panneling is crazy(even though i'm tired of brown colorways this year). The Vandal is cold as ice. The laser detail on the ankle pannel is perfect for that colorway. And the AT SC(Bo Jackson)is hard as diamonds people, definitely the BLING in this package. Nike had sucsess with the Transformer's pack and, now this(looks like a Marevel Comics pack thing is somehow going on here)?… they'll definitely have me diggin' in the stash again. 4 ****'s outta 5.

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