Nike Dunk SB Low Gibson

Just about every SB has some sort of inspiration behind them, the new Nike Dunk SB Low Gibson is inspired by the guitar case “Gibson”. Resembling the guitar case, the Nike Dunk SB Low Gibson will feature a brown premium leather upper, pink fury liner and accents of pink. Releasing this Holiday season, via Ctothejl.

Nike Dunk SB Low Gibson


  1. And let me say something else. The design does not resemble "the guitar case gibson". It just so happens that Gibson (the 2nd greatest guitar company – fender is first) has a case with those colors. And i'll say it again, those colors suck.

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  3. yeah, I LOVE these shoes.

    its furry on the inside(like the case)

    the pink is a little off, but so what, its a tribute!

    the brown is perfect, and it has black and gold for the nike logo's which as for the Gibson case's logo's are black and gold.

    I know because I ACTUALLY own a gibson with this case(Les Paul)

    and it OWNS!

    again, the shoes pink is a LITTLE lighter than the case, but who cares…

    AND Gibson DEFINITELY owns Fender

    1.Gibson 2.Fender NUFF SAID!

  4. go these 2dai….they hott….inside the shoe ders like pennies and nickels…and a dollar….its pretty hott

  5. Most SB's that are themed, are heat just because of the sole fact its suppose to look like something…them people at Nike is mad creative.

  6. You can get these off of for like 85$ which is good because everywhere else has them for like $135 and these look better in real life than on here.

  7. Yeah these dunks are a great shoe to add to the collection for all you sneakerheads out there the sole is very unique from alot of other sb shoes and the pink is rare as well…but yeah I got mine at CCS and they are great they're authentic and everything, so hell these dunks are hot as hell.

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